Massachusetts Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you facing insurmountable debt? Do you have creditors phoning you constantly or sending you demand letters? Have you been receiving calls, letters, or visits from collection agencies? Perhaps you have been served with foreclosure paperwork, a summons to appear. Or your medical, credit card, or personal loan bills have become too high to handle. If so, contact Attorney David R. Chenelle today for a free consultation. Putting off or ignoring this situation will not help and will likely cost you additional and unnecessary financial expense that can be stopped now. You owe it to yourself and your family to discuss your options and make a plan of action.

Bankruptcy may offer you the solution you need to immediately stop all collection activity against you. You may then be able to reorganize or discharge your debt within a matter of months, depending on the course of action you choose. Please, call (978) 496-2032 to learn more about what approach may be best for you.

Your Bankruptcy Options

Chapter 7, for those who qualify, is a quick and permanent solution to eliminate debt and provide you with a fresh start. Chapter 13 is the best way for those with steady income to eliminate some or all of their debt; it also provides an immediate stop to all foreclosure actions.

The Federal Bankruptcy Code provides protection for those overwhelmed with debt and facing the loss of property. Bankruptcy law protects you from foreclosure, repossessions, creditor harassment, judgments, and lawsuits. After filing bankruptcy, creditors are prohibited from contacting you at all. All collection efforts must also cease.

Bankruptcy is a stressful and complex process for anyone who files. Many individuals have no choice. When faced with an injured or sick family member, loss of job, unexpected bills, relocation, or just financial mistakes, bankruptcy can provide a way to get back in control of your life and to begin moving forward again. Living month to month with increasing debt leaves no chance of ever escaping your financial dilemma. After a free consultation with Attorney Chenelle, you may realize bankruptcy is your best option and that you can legally wipe away most or all of your debt.

Unparalleled Bankruptcy Counsel You can Trust

If you are looking for an attorney who is competent and skilled in handling any bankruptcy issue or case, then look no further. Attorney Chenelle will provide information, legal assistance and representation for virtually any bankruptcy or debt-related matter. He can provide helpful information about bankruptcy as a whole and can discuss alternatives to bankruptcy if a different course of action will yield better results for your current situation and long-term goals. If you are faced with foreclosure, for example, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may enable you to save your home, but what if a short sale or deed in lieu is better aligned with your goals? By dispelling bankruptcy myths and providing information that is applicable to your unique case, Attorney Chenelle can help you make the right choices. Learn about the benefits of bankruptcy and the many different ways it could help you. When you discuss your case with Attorney Chenelle, you can also get answers to your most pressing questions. What happens next? Should you file, and if so, when? What can you expect to face in life after bankruptcy?

Do not put off making the call to Attorney David R. Chenelle because you are ashamed to ask for help. There is nothing wrong with seeking relief from overwhelming debt through bankruptcy. These laws are in place to help debtors get the fresh financial start they deserve; taking advantage of these laws is your right. Come in and discuss your options, make sure you understand what your rights are and how to protect them. Filing bankruptcy can give you the second chance you need to reorganize your finances or discharge your debt once and for all.

Do you need legal help with a bankruptcy? Contact Attorney David R. Chenelle for a free initial consultation today!

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