Bankruptcy Process

The Bankruptcy Process

Whether you need to file a Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or a Chapter 11 petition, Attorney Chenelle can provide thorough and reliable legal service.

Bankruptcy begins with a petition. The forms that need to be submitted to the court are complex and voluminous in nature which is why you need the assistance of Attorney Chenelle. About 30 to 40 days after your petition is filed, you will be asked to attend a hearing conducted by the bankruptcy trustee appointed to your case. This is called the First Meeting of Creditors. At this meeting, you will be asked questions under oath about your bankruptcy petition, your assets, debts, and other matters. After that, if any of your creditors are at the meeting, they may question you as well. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that your petition is valid and that there is no evidence of fraud. Attorney Chenelle will then accompany you and represent you at the hearing and will prepare you for the questions you may be asked.

Usually after this hearing, you will not be required to return to court unless a creditor files a motion. Generally, that is the exception. About 60 to 75 days after your hearing, the court will issue your discharge of debts which will waive the unsecured debts listed in your case. Certain debts are not dischargeable, such as traffic fines, student loans, child or spousal support payments, or debts incurred through fraud.

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