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Excellent Attorney! After enduring several personal and financial hardships in a close span of time, it became clear to my husband and I that filing for bankruptcy was inevitable. We had fallen behind on our mortgage, our requests for modification had been denied by our servicer, and we were facing foreclosure. It was demoralizing, humiliating, and hopeless.

I contacted a few attorneys who I researched online, but found them to be either too aggressive, or willing to give legal advice without fully analyzing our situation, which made me a bit nervous. More research led me to Attorney Chenelle’s website, but I figured his years of experience would come with a hefty price tag.

I contacted Atty. Chenelle’s office and spoke with his paralegal, Cynthia. She was so kind, and assured me that many people, from all walks of life file for bankruptcy, and that more often than not it was the best decision clients made. She quoted us a price, which surprisingly, was in line if not less than what we had been previously quoted by other offices. She was very accommodating to our needs in scheduling the initial appointment, and we were able to meet with Atty. Chenelle by the end of that week.

At our first meeting, we were instantly put at ease by Atty. Chenelle’s friendly demeanor. He explained our options and the process in easy to understand language. His mastery of bankruptcy law was impressive, and he answered all of my never-ending questions with a smile. He helped us work out a reasonable budget, and made some great financial recommendations. Over the course of this process, he has been prompt in responding to emails and phone calls, and has kept us well-informed. He has treated the both of us with respect from the get go, and I really appreciate that.

It is such a wonderful feeling to be moving forward from the financial mess we were in, and we are so grateful to Atty. Chenelle and his office for guiding us through a very dark and difficult time. I highly recommend Atty. Chenelle.

– Anonymous

Very happy I found him and would highly recommend! I started thinking about bankruptcy and decided I needed to meet with an attorney to discuss all possibilities, etc. I had no idea where to find a reputable attorney specializing in bankruptcy. I found David on an internet search for ‘best bankruptcy attorneys’ in my area.

I called and made an appointment for a consultation. He stayed late to accommodate my request for an early evening appointment. He spent an incredible amount of time with me, asking many questions and also educating me about every step of the whole process. He did not make me feel judged, embarrassed or anything other than someone that needed help. And it’s tough divulging all of your monetary problems with a complete stranger. He made it seamless and I knew I was in good hands.

He is established in his career, well-known and respected within the court system and his colleagues.

Any time I had a question or was unsure about something, I could text or call him. He always responded the same day and never made me feel as though I was inconveniencing him.

The whole process went very smoothly and I knew exactly what was happening, as he kept me well informed.

I could not have found a better attorney to help me with what could have been a terrifying experience.

I guarantee, you will not regret hiring him!

Thank you, David!

– Anonymous

David is well organized, thorough, and patient with no BS. He basically took what I thought was going to be a frightening, nerve-wracking experience into an informative, comforting experience. His leadership more than help me meet my goals. He immediately puts you at ease, when you meet him. At the hearing, the fact that he has an established relationship with the US Trustee is invaluable. I calmed down after she gave him a compliment that he was wonderful at an event they were both at (don’t know real details) – I said to myself “oh, she likes him.” Good. LOL. Seriously, I was extremely lucky to find him ONLINE!!! I can’t thank him and his firm enough. I anticipated hating the financial counseling exams, however, I even found them informative and helpful…didn’t mind paying for them. David took charge and I’m glad he did; because I didn’t have a clue…I HAD NO DOUBTS ABOUT HIM…that’s unusual for me. Thank you, David.

– Linda R.

I want to say “Thank You” again to David Chenelle for getting me through this difficult process. I was very pleased with the way I was treated in the office, at court, and via email. David’s office was very professional and compassionate. His response to me was better than I expected, and I was pleased with the ease of obtaining answers to my questions throughout the process. I would (and already have) told friends that this is the office to do business with in the area of bankruptcy. I was, and am satisfied with David’s representation. This was a very painful choice for me to make, and once the choice was made, David and his staff made it much more bearable. I especially appreciated that no one that I dealt with in David’s office was judgmental in any way towards me or my situation.

– David B.

Attorney Chenelle represented me in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the NH Courts. Attorney Chenelle was informative and made sure that my husband and I understood the entire process. He answered all our questions and at the meeting was very helpful. He is a great Attorney.

– Ann V.

Attorney Chenelle helped us with our Chapter 13 case. He made an extremely difficult process much easier. He is knowledgeable, attentive and has been very responsive to the dozens of questions we have had during our case. We cannot express our thanks enough for all of his help. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering bankruptcy.

– Jim C.

Not all lawyers are equal. David Chenelle will take the time to explain the process of bankruptcy, further explain the your options and will be with you every step of the process. David is understanding of everyone unique situation, and applies the human side of the law to his clients. I highly recommend David to anyone seeking a bankruptcy attorney.

– Dean P.

David is very kind and understanding. This was felt from our first meeting with David. He made us feel at ease and that not all was lost. His experience has helped us in so many ways to get back on track. David does not sugar coat anything and described our best options. He will give his honest guidance when asked. His advice has always been spot on. He is very comforting and supports a sense of confidence in all that he does. My experience with him has been great. He is the best and I could not say enough about him.

– Sheri P.

From my first meeting with David it was clear to me that his experience would be a great asset in handling my case. After a brief Q&A, David described for me my options, what each choice would entail, and even gave me guidance when asked. His advice through not just the discovery and preparation phases but making sure the court procedure went smoothly was very comforting and gave me a sense of confidence. David is organized, responsive, and understanding. My experience with him was great.

– Brad M.

I discovered David Chenelle through the internet, and it was the luckiest and best thing that could have happened. He made everything easy and easy to understand, and as stress free as it could have been. I never doubted for a minute that I was in the best possible hands. He was great.

– Joe L.

David came highly recommended from our family attorney when we called him looking for advice on the possibility of bankruptcy. Our attorney said he has heard very good things from clients he has recommended to David. We were not disappointed. David clearly explained what our options would be since we had a very complicated situation. He answered all of our questions and was extremely patient with us. He responds to email questions within the day, most of the time within the hour. He helped make a very stressful situation easier to handle due to his knowledge and fantastic personality. We would highly recommend his services.

– Jesse R.

I met David Chenelle a few years back over a rather sticky legal issue that I really had no idea how to unravel. David did. In fact, he not only unraveled it for me, he did so simply because I asked. I was a stranger to him, just another young attorney who needed a little help, and David didn’t hesitate. That’s who David Chenelle is – kind, generous and an incredibly gifted attorney.

I can say without reservation that there is no one in his fields of specialty who is more respected than he is. I am not the only one who has turned to him for help. David is the lawyer who other lawyers call for advice.

He knows not only the substance of the law, but how it works in everyday practice, and, more importantly, how to make it work to his clients’ advantage. At court, he is a highly regarded advocate. He is known by both bar and bench as someone to be reckoned with. When he presents his case, everyone listens, including the judges who have learned over the years that an argument by David Chenelle is one to be taken seriously.

Finally, I have to note that he treats his clients with respect and consideration. I know from the referrals I have sent to David over the years that he promptly returns phone calls, he clearly explains the risks and benefits of different strategies and he values a client’s input. There is no attorney I can recommend more highly than David Chenelle and it is my pleasure to do so.

– Robert G., Esq.

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